Spirit Week – Hall Decorations

The hall decoration theme for Spirit Week was board games.  The staff wan’t assigned a game (we think the students knew we would win and were running scared), so we chose to decorate using Chutes & Ladders.  Mr. Bense and Mr. Matz our administrators made the ladders, slides, and squares.  I used a few digital images from a picture of the game board, edited them – took the backgrounds out, and added the staff members heads to the cartoon bodies.  I was only able to do a few because we don’t have all the staff’s pictures back yet.  I’m not biased or anything, but I think the staff definitely have the best hall decoration!  :-)



Our Special Ed Teacher, Lynn Allport

The Counselor, Alice English

All the students did a great job decorating their sections of the hallways, too!  The Seniors theme was “Monopoly”, Juniors decorated using “Candyland”, Sophomores used “Twister”, and the Freshman had “Life”.  The decorations are great, and it was awesome to see the students so involved!

Class of 2010
20091007-006 20091007-007 20091007-010 20091007-011

Class of 2011
20091007-015 20091007-016 20091007-017

Class of 2012
20091007-008 20091007-009

Class of 2013
20091007-012 20091007-013

I should have known that with pictures of the staff up on the walls it wouldn’t be too long before one or more pictures were messed with.  Apparently one or more students think I look really good with a mustache.  Maybe I should cut my hair really short and I would look more like Clark Gable . . .


What do you think?

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