Reagan’s Annie Experience


My youngest daughter, Reagan, has been participating in the play “Annie” at our local playhouse, the Elgin Opera House.  She auditioned for the show in June, and they started rehearsal in September.  Reagan’s part in the play was limited to the first act and ended after the song, Hard Knock Life.  Reagan played one of the extras as an orphan. Continue reading

Tool Round-Up Wishlist


I have been sewing nearly all my life – I can remember sitting on my mom’s lap and learning to sew when I was tiny.  I really started learning more than just the basics when I was old enough to join 4-H, and I have been sewing off and on ever since.  Once I got older, out of school, and was on my own (read – with the associated responsibilities and time constraints of an adult),  the most sewing I did was on a whim with a specific project, mending, the occasional baby blanket, a gift, or a Halloween costume. Continue reading