Mimbres Pottery

I have been working on an independent ceramics class this term, focusing on the Mimbres people of what is now the Southwest United States – think the Mogollon Rim in Arizona.  This is some of the work I have produced so far.








I love that I am getting to experiment with different forms of pottery this term, and I love the way these plates turned out!  I am not sure how practical they are, as I am positive I did not get the angles correct, but if anything, one or two will make a great wall decoration!



Playing Catch Up


My first somewhat decent mug/tumbler/something on the wheel.

Last winter, about three weeks into the term, I broke my arm snowboarding. As if that wasn’t bad enough in and of itself, I was taking several art classes and had to complete them left-handed.

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Thank God Its Over!

For my degree I had to take a beginning drawing class. I don’t like drawing, and I especially don’t like drawing when I don’t get to choose my subject(s).

This is my final project:


Our final class critique is tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it so I can be done with this class.

My last two finals are Thursday and Friday, and then I will be one term closer to graduation!

Floatilla and The Noodler

Danielle, Meagan, Amy, Trevor, Christy, Jennifer, Tina, Doug, Auburn, Lilia, Amanda, Taylor, Alex, and Hannah

One of the classes I have been taking this term is Design II (I took Design I last term).  Design I mostly taught two-dimensional design techniques and practices, and Design II is structured around three-dimensional art (sculpture).  I wasn’t sure how much I would like a sculpture class, but I have actually really enjoyed it.  Throughout the term our assignments have focused on helping us utilize our strengths and improve our weaknesses, and although it’s been a struggle at times, I feel like I have learned a lot about design and about myself as an artist.

The “Final” for our class was a group project called Floatilla.  I despise group projects, and I usually hate every minute I am forced to work on them, but this project ended up being a complete blast! Continue reading