Reagan’s Room

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Finishing Reagan’s room has taken longer than either of the other two kids because my dad was custom making her bed.  Just as with Harley’s and Terrance’s rooms, the changes in Reagan’s room were purely cosmetic.  After gutting her room down to bare sheetrock and subfloor, we built it back up to it’s current state, which, is amazing!

Reagan played a big part in the work on her room.  She did the majority of the demolition, most of the painting, and she has arranged it to her liking. She really worked hard to make it “hers”.

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The pantry was a pretty straight-forward remodel, just like the kids’ rooms.  We gutted it, patched holes in the sheet rock, painted, repositioned shelving, and added the new flooring.

The one major, awesome, there’s nothing like it change we made was to add lighting.  We had originally planned on lighting the pantry with can lighting from above, but our pantry is somewhat small.  With overhead lighting, the shelves would not be illuminated very well, and I couldn’t figure out how to make the lighting different. Continue reading

Curds & Whey

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Last weekend, my oldest daughter, Emma, and I went to see the Broadway Across America production of Wicked!.  Part of our trip included picking up my nephew Benjamin and delivered him to my sister’s house.  We also delivered some things to her that had been shipped to her other house by accident.  In addition to going to the wrong address, she received a duplicate order of a cheesemaking kit, so she gave the extra kit to me.  It is the Ricki’s Cheesemaking Kit for 30-minute Mozzarella and Ricotta.  The kit originally came from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, but I’m pretty sure Erika purchased it on Amazon.

At any rate, she gave me a kit, I put on my big-girl panties and a brave face, and I made cheese!

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Terrance’s Room


Terrance’s room was remodeled in the same fashion as Harley’s – take it down to subfloor and bare walls and start adding back.

I love that each of the kids’ personalities is so evident in their finished rooms.  Between the paint colors, furniture arrangement, and artwork, their personalities really shine through.

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Harley’s Room


The kids’ rooms were the easiest part of the remodel for the most part because the only changes we made to them were cosmetic, and they really didn’t take a lot of work and time.  We followed the same process for their rooms as we did for their bathroom, except we did not strip off the sheetrock.  We gutted the rooms down to the subfloor and, in Harley’s case, we had to remove the wallpaper border from the walls.

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