Tessa Reimagined

Tessa-1 IMG_0815

When Todd first asked me to give LARP-ing, he asked me to just give it a try,  and if I didn’t like it he would never ask me to go again.  Well, it turns out I really liked it, and I have continued to be part of Sojourn.  When I first started going, however, I really did not know what to do as far as a costume – Tessa is a wood elf, and I had no idea how to put something together that worked.

What I came up with was the outfit on the left above.  Essentially it was a stretchy dress that I repurposed, cut up the sides, and cut off the turtleneck top to have an open neckline.  I wore leggings under it, and I made the corset top to wear over it.  I also had a hooded jacket (draped over my arm), as well.  It worked.

Kind of.

Three events and several wardrobe malfunctions later, and I tossed that sucker in the trash.

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The Travel Journal

2015-05-28 14.15.48

One of Tessa’s skills is that she is an artist – and at times she has had to leave Division’s Bridge to go paint portraits (Who schedules themselves to photograph a wedding on LARP weekend, seriously?), and she really likes to sketch the flora and fauna she comes across in her travels with Lazero.  Of course, as an artist, Tessa can not possibly have just any old sketch book, but a nice leather one that is marked with her totem, like her quiver is.  The turtle design from Tessa’s quiver is going to be a recurring theme throughout her persona.

My friend, Carrie (Maline) gave me a leather Midori notebook cover a while ago, and I thought it would be perfect to hold Tessa’s travel journal and sketch book.  Since it is made of real leather, though, and not EVA foam, I wasn’t quite sure how to get the turtle embossed into it without investing a lot of money.  I did some research and found an incredibly easy, inexpensive method for painting already stained leather.  It was almost too easy!

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Tessa’s Quiver

Tessa is expanding her skills, and as a result, I needed to make her a bow, arrows, and a quiver.  The LARP we participate in utilizes foam “boffing” weapons instead of realistic looking foam weapons.  I actually really have to thank Todd and his friend, Tim, because they built my bow for me completely, all I did was purchase the materials.


I don’t have any pictures of my bow, other than this one of me holding it.  My bow is made of PVC pipe, a pool noodle, paracord, and black opaque tights.   Continue reading

Tessa Complete – One Quick Take

Just a quick shot of my completed costume with my bow and quiver.  The only thing missing is my staff (for my healing attribute).  I will post a complete camp re-cap and Tessa update later this week.


My Alter Ego

One of the things Todd and I like to do is LARP (live action role playing).  Yes, we’re nerds, and we’re pretty proud of it, too!  My character is a wood elf that goes by Tessa Doran because of difficult language barriers, but her name in Elvish is Eámanë Elanessë.  She travels with an eccentric wizard named Lazero (Todd), and they frequent a town called Division’s Bridge.

Meet Tessa:

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