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I am not quite sure how to describe Lazero, Todd’s Sojourn character.  I can give the basics:  he is a wizard who uses arcane power in his magic, and he is highly intelligent.

But he is odd.  I mean REALLY odd. Continue reading

The People of Division’s Bridge


Since Division’s Bridge is a centrally-located town, it serves as a hub of trade and society, and people from all over gather here to fulfill their needs.  Occasionally, more nefarious characters show up, but most of the townsfolk are honest, hard-working people.  Continue reading

Division’s Bridge


Division’s Bridge is centrally located, and serves as a gathering place for the people of the world. Asdel and Obraya are to the northwest of town, and Veskal is to the northeast on the coast.  To the southwest of Divisions Bridge sits Rodan, tucked in between mountain ranges, while the Southlands are directly south of town.  The Elven Kingdoms with their regal inhabitants are located to the southeast of Divisions Bridge. Continue reading

So, What is a LARP?


Todd has been LARP-ing (live action role-playing) for years, and when we first started dating, he asked me to give it a try.  I told him I would try it once, but that I wasn’t making any promises.  It turns out that I love it!  I love immersing myself into a character and forcing myself outside my comfort zone, though I have to admit, I’m not great at staying in character yet. Continue reading