Love The Mountains


I took this picture with my phone today when the girls and I were headed home from submitting their 4-H exhibits to the fair.  It was gorgeous in the mountains today, and it made me smile.

Finishing Touches

These pictures are out of date, but I really needed to update our Dream Home Blog.  A couple of weeks before our open house, my dad came over to help us with the last minute fixes, installation, and “polish” on our house.  It was mstly touch up painting, painting doors, and odds and ends.

20090729-005 20090729-007 20090729-019 20090729-021 20090729-025 20090729-012 20090729-015

While the three of us worked our tails off trying to get everything done, Emma was the official picture taker.  Obviously it wasn’t too difficult a task because she had plenty of time to work hard, too.  She worked hard at shooting targets on the Wii.  🙂


It was a great weekend, and we got everything done!

Slowly, But Surely!

We have been working really hard this Spring and Summer getting our property ready for grass and landscaping.  Aaron has rototilled, sprayed weeds, rototilled some more, pulled weeds, and levelled the ground.  The back (North side) has now been seeded, covered with straw, and is being watered extensively – hopefully we’ll have grass before too long.  The front (South side) has been levelled and is ready for sod – maybe this weekend or next week in the evenings.

20090622-017 20090622-013  20090622-015

We have received lots of starts of plants from my parents and Aaron’s mom, Carol, so I’ve been able to get started on some of the landscaping that doesn’t involve grass.  The hardest part is working around all the sand and trying to keep it from blowing away!  We’ve planted Echinacea in the lower part of hte retaining wall – its a plant that is beautiful, and it will spread helping us with dust control until we know exactly what we want to do there.

20090623-044 20090623-053 20090623-049 20090623-048 

This year, I also have my first ever successful garden.  We have huge sunflowers, corn, tomatoes, radishes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, onions, pumpkins, cucumber, peppers, and peas.  The radishes are amazinglly HUGE – almost the whole size of my palm.

20090623-041 20090623-035  20090623-036 20090623-032 

We’re both really excited to have grass, and we’ll keep working hard through the summer.

What To Do

with two acres full of sand?

Well, if you want anything to grow without blowing away in the winds we have around here, AND if you don’t want to water it constantly because the sand doesn’t hold any water, then you have to add something to it.  Topsoil, mulch, compost, or manure.  All work just fine, but we chose to go with the stinkiest choice (and, for us, the free choice).

Last weekend, Aaron made several trips to Three-Mile Farms and the Dairy out there to get loads and loads of nice, fresh, and stinky manure to spread all over our sandy ground.  Katelyn rode iwth him once before heading to her mom’s for the rest of the weekend.  Reagan decided she wanted to see the dairy cows, so the two of us rode along with him for his final load.  Since it is such a long trip, we did take the laptop and a movie for Miss Reagan.  Tod came along for the ride, too.  Reagan loved checking out all the cows and seeing how many were there.

20090330-056 20090330-061 20090330-060 20090330-066

The trip took a long time, and was very tiring.  Reagan conked out within fifteen minutes of hitting the freeway on the way home.  Tod was pretty worn out, too, apparently.  He fell asleep on Aaron’s foot under all the paddles.

20090330-072 20090330-071

Once we got home, though Tod decided being right in the thick of things was where he needed to be, and he decided to help Aaron unload the trailer.

20090330-074 20090330-073

Now that Spring is here, we will finally be doing a lot of work on the landscaping and property itself, so stay tuned for updates!