It has become summer time, and my family and I have been living at our mountain home for many weeks. Lily White is an old gold mining camp established in the early 1860’s, and it was named after the wife of the camp boss. At its peak, the population neared about 1000, including Chinese labor. According to legend, rather than pay their wages, the mine owners buried over 100 Chinamen in a mineshaft. Now the mine is nearly invisible and hard to find, buried under the ground and in the hills, hidden from eyes.  The camp has been replaced with several Forest Service cabins including three bunkhouses, a shower house, and the kitchen/dining hall. Continue reading

December 18 – DHD Photo A Day


Every year we get a new ornament for our tree, and we each get the same one so one day when my girls are grown with trees of their own, they have a set of ornaments.


Some times the new ornament has been as simple as a pretty bauble I saw at a store. Some times they are thought out and represent a significant event from the year – like the princesses from our trip to Disneyland.

This year, Harley and I took two trips. One to Philadelphia and Washington DC in March and one to Indiana and Kentucky in October. Both trips, I purchased ornaments from a couple of the different stops we made, one of which was Purdue University.

This Purdue Nutcracker is my favorite new ornament this year because I have so many great memories from our trip,  and it ties me to a part of my dad’s personal history (he is a graduate of Purdue).