The New Bed

Well, we finally did it.  One of us finally made it to Portland to buy our new bed and nightstands from Ikea.  After my whirlwind trip with Katelyn down and back in one day (by the way, we didn’t even leave Irrigon until 1:00 p.m.), and a rushed trip through Ikea, I can’t wait until I have the chance to go back to Portland to explore Ikea for hours and hours.  I seriously fell in love w ith that store!  I love it!!!

Saturday, Reagan and I put together the night stands, and then Saturday evening, she watched a movie while I put together our new bed.  I can’t believe what a huge change it made in our bedroom!  We love it!  I didn’t have the room put back together yet when I took these pictures, but it just feels so much more like us with the furniture there.  It’s wonderful because with the exception of the cedar chest my dad made for me, all the other furniture in our room has a very dark finish like the new bed.

20090330-075 20090330-077 20090330-076

I like our nightstands because they have storage in them, but I love them because they are on the smaller side and won’t be able to be filled with a bunch of unnecessary junk!

Decking The Halls

Our new house is finally starting to feel like a home.  This past weekend, I started working on hanging pictures and organizing the office.  My dad, Tom, and Aaron were finally able to install the counter top and shelving in the office, so I could finally start putting all that stuff away.  Boy does that feel great!

Having pictures on the walls helps it just feel more homey.  I don\’t have them all hung yet, but I\’m getting there, and I love it!

The Great Room – wildlife pictures, artwork, and paintings.

20090307-175 20090307-173 20090307-174

The long hallway to the girls’ rooms – our wedding picture and pictures from our honeymoon at the Grand Canyon.

20090307-179 20090307-182 20090307-181 20090307-180

The Dining Room – Some Images from one of my favorite phographers.  It is still lacking, and I have other artwork and photos to hang, but it works for now.

20090307-191 20090307-188 20090307-189

The Foyer – our \”FAMILY\” Collage, and the girls pictures.

20090307-183 20090307-187 20090307-185

Once I get some more work done on the office, I will post those pictures, too.  Right now, it\’s too much of a mess to show publicly.  😉

Progress – January 12

The progress being made on our house these days is significant, but many times, its not very obvious.

Tom has been busy installing the rest of the baseboard and door casings.  After he installs it, my mom fills the holes with spackle, sands it, and then does the touch up painting.  The trim is really making all the difference in the rooms – like the icing on the cake!

20091211-020 20091211-010 

The girls all have their new bedding in their rooms, and they love it!  Their beds are all set up and made except for Harley’s – we’re going to have to buy her a new bed because hers is toast.  My parents bought it for me in Junior High, so it is over 20 years old.  It has been well used, so I don’t feel too badly about having to get rid of it.  Just a little sad.

Emma’s Bed

Reagan’s Bed

Harley’s Bed

Katelyn’s Bed

Today, my dad and Tom installed the steps on the front porch.  My mom and Carol painted shelving; they painted and painted and painted.

This evening my dad started installing the closet system in the Master Closet (thank goodness!).  It’s going together quickly and rather easily, so probably by tomorrow  night, Aaron and I will have a working closet (or close)!


I love the daily glimpses of progress, and I really love being able to see things being completed.  Tomorrow the drywallers come to do some touch up, Dad and Tom are going to work on the other set of deck steps, and I am sure I will be painting when I get off work.

Progress – December 18

Hey, guess what’s finished?  The Deck.  I’m not kidding, teasing, or telling a fib in any way – well okay maybe a little one.  Technically its not done because we still need railing and steps, but the decking is done.  Aaron worked really hard today to get it finished, and it looks great!

20081218-001 20081218-003 20081218-012

Tom and Dad finished installing the range top and down-draft vent today.   At first they couldn’t figure out how to get the vent to turn on.  The could get it to raise and lower just fine, but the fan wouldn’t turn on. Finally, they resorted to reading the instructions (novel idea there, guys!  🙂 )  At any rate, after reading the instructions, they realized there is an ON/OFF switch on the side of the vent.  You have to actually turn it on to get it to work.  🙂

20081218-008 20081218-009 20081218-020 20081218-021

The faucet and reverse osmosis drinking tap are both installed on the kitchen sink, and now it can be installed.  Tom learned from his experience with the range, and he’s reading the sink directions.

20081218-004 20081218-006 20081218-013

Lots of nail holes have been filled, and they’re ready to be sanded tomorrow so we can touch up the paint.  The girls’ bathroom vanity hardware is installed.  The two outlets on the island bar are finished.  The neverending list seems to grow and grow and grow, but I know we will overtake it soon and it will shrink and shrink and shrink!

Progress – December 16

This is Gabe.  He was back again today.  All the interior doors are now installed, and the baseboards are installed in all the rooms that will have carpeting.  Door trim is also finished.  It’s been great having him here to help with this stuff so Dad and Tom could dedicate their time to other things.

20081216-002 20081216-006 20081216-038

The kitchen countertop arrived yesterday, and Dad and Tom began the process of installing it today.  The first thing they had to do was attach the two separate pieces of countertop for the long counter together.  I’m not sure exactly what the process is for sticking the two pieces together, but they are together and setting up now.  This third picture below shows the metal pieces that hold the two pieces of countertop together.  It’s pretty cool!

20081216-014 20081216-021 20081216-043

Dad and Tom installed the counter on the island today.  First they dry-fit it, then made the cut-outs for the cooktop and down-draft vent, and finally they threw down some glue and put it in place.  It’s being held down with some clamps and weighty items now, and by tomorrow it will be permanently in place!  When Dad was spreading the glue, he wrote our name with the glue – TOLARS will always be part of this house, no matter who the owners are (we plan on owning it until we die, by the way).  The countertop is absolutely GORGEOUS!  We loved the sample we chose from, but now that it is actually here and partially installed, I have fallen completley in love with it!

20081216-031 20081216-015 20081216-022 20081216-030 20081216-027 20081216-033 20081216-035 20081216-016

Soon we will have a functioning toilet and sinks – thank goodness the honey house will be going away soon!  The carpet will be delivered to the installers tomorrow, so it should be installed soon!