My Turn

After working really hard all day yesterday on the girls’ rooms and getting them ready for our house to go on the market, today was my turn.

My mom ran into town and got us a great breakfast from Starbucks, and she got herself a coffee.

We started on my closet, sorting clothes for a yardsale, organizing, and rearranging.  Then we moved on to my bedroom.  Clutter is gone, carpets are shampooed, furniture is dusted, and my room is SPOTLESS!  It hasn’t been this clean since we moved in (kind of sad, actually).  I love it!




So now, the only rooms that I have left to get ready are the kitchen, great room, and dining room.

I am ready for this project to be done, for our house to be on the market, and (hopefully) for it to sell quickly so I can move on with my life.

Progress – January 15

For once, I can say that work on the new house has slowed down.  It has slowed down for probably a couple of months – at least until Spring when we can paint the exterior and start working on the landscaping.  There are very few things that my parents and Tom are going to finish before my parents go home for good.  It is so exciting to finally be at this stage in the process, where the work being done isn’t the house being built, but it’s the home being made.  We’re working to get unpacked, moved in, settled down, and back into a routine.

The front deck steps are being built; they’re almost done.


All the window sills are installed, holes filled, and touch-up painting done.

20090115-002 20090115-003

The pantry shelves have been painted and we’ve started unpacking the boxes of food.  The linen closet shelves are done, as well.

20090115-010 20090115-014

My dad has spent the week installing the Master Closet organization system, and then Aaron & I spent 1/2 an hour filling itp and making it a mess.  🙂  Obviously we still have a whole bunch of work to do, but at least we don’t have to go clear to the other side of the house to get our clothes out of the girls’ closets anymore. 

20090115-007 20090115-009 20090115-012 20090115-013 20090115-015 20090115-017 20090115-024 20090115-025 

Wednesday, my mom sealed all the grout in the house except our shower, and I did that when I got home from work.  Both our shower and bathtub are now functioning.  I was able to take my first shower in our bathroom this morning, and it was WONDERFUL!

20090115-019 20090115-020 20090115-023 

Just a few little loose ends to tie up and Mom, Dad, and Luna will be heading home.

Progress – December 22 to Almost Present

It’s amazing what has happened in the 20 days since we’ve had Internet Access.  We moved mattresses and packed enough clothing to celebrate Christmas in our new home.  I don’t beleive there is anything more fulfilling than being able to tuck our girls into their beds in their new rooms.  After the celebrations were over, the race was on to get as much as we possible could get moved done before the 29th when Aaron had foot surgery so that there would be very little left for my mom and me to do later that week.  With some AWESOME help from Jason and my dad (We really do have the greatest friends!), my mom and I managed to get the old house moved, cleaned, and ready for the landlord to pass it on to the next family who is going to live there.  It was really hard work, it was exhausting, and I hated it, but it was so completely worth it!

The tile in the kitchen is installed and grouted – it is simply FANTASTIC!  My dad built a little shelf in the corner behind the sink, that is adorable.  Right now I have a plant sitting on it, but I may add a picture or something else later on.

20081231b-0432 20081231b-0422 20081231b-0552 20081231b-0542 20081231b-0592

Dad and Tom also finished installing the island eating bar.  We used the water jugs as weights to hold it down while the adhesive dried and the screws set.  I can’t wait to have stools so the girls can eat breakfast, do homework, and hang out there.

20081231b-0202 20081231b-0212 20081231b-0232 20081231b-0522 20081231b-0532

We may have been sleeping at the new house on the 23rd, but we didn’t have carpet until the 30th.  The layers came and installed the carpet, Aaron vegged out after his surgery, and we were finally able to move dressers out of the dining room.  🙂  The carpet is so soft and so squishy, I love it!

20081231b-0502 20081231b-0462 20081231b-0442 20081231b-0492 20081231b-0482 20081231b-0512

My parents went home for a few days after the New Year, and while they were gone, Tom was busy installing baseboards and door facings.  He also installed the shelves and hanging rods in all the closets except the Master.  It sure is great to have a place to hang all the clothes that hung out in our pick-up and car for four days!


The Tile Master was also busy in the Master Bathroom finishing the shower and trim.  It, like the kitchen, is now completely installed and grouted.  And, like every other bit of tilework in our house, it is absolutely STUNNING!  I am continuously amazed at just *how* good my dad really is.

The ceiling.

20081231b-0152 20081231b-0172 

The walls.

20081231b-0262 20081231b-0362 

The floor.

20081231b-0402 20081231b-0412 

The quality of craftsmanship we’ve gotten between Tom and my dad is just amazing, and we are so thankful for all their hard work.  This dream of ours would not be the reality it is without either of them, or the rest of our friends and families.  We are truly grateful.  Thank you Dad and Tom!

So much more has been finished, but those words and pictures will have to wait for another time.

Progress – December 10

We are still experiencing GORGEOUS sunsets!  This one is from Tuesday night.  It’s nice because it’s a moment in time that forces you to stop, take notice, and appreciate true beauty.


Aaron and Jason installed most of the siding in the “U” part of the house on Tuesday.  Yesterday Dad and Tom finished the inside of the “U”, and they completed the gable above the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom.  Today they finished the final gable above the garage, and the very last piece of siding was installed.  IT IS DONE!


The girls’ vanity top is on (not installed), and it is GORGEOUS!  I love how well it coordinates with the tile, countertop, and floor tile!  The tile in our bathroom has been grouted.  It loos gross here, but the finished result is stunning!

20081210a-007 20081210a-008

Yesterday and today, Aaron’s mom, Carol, came down and painted doors and trim with my mom.

20081210a-009 20081210a-010 20081210a-012

Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Moose have come to live at our house (a gift from Tom & Carol), and they are patiently waiting for the rest of our Christmas decorations to show up.  Carol also gave us a bag of Christmas ornaments and decorations, and they were part of it.  For now, they are watching over our house from the top of the sink cabinet until we find them a more permanent home.


Aaron and I started organizing and packing up this house preparing to move.  The kitchen counter will be here Monday, the carpet will be at the installer’s on Wednesday, the replacement cabinet door for the kitchen will be here next week, we will start laying laminate as soon as the siding is done, and we can start installing trim any time.  My dad made a punch list of items left to complete, and I’m going to get a copy of it from him so I can keep track of it here.  WE LOVE SCRATCHING THINGS OFF THE PUNCH LIST!  With the siding complete, the only stuff to finish on the outside before we move in are steps to the decks.  We are also going to finish as much of the front landscaping as we can with stepping stones, sod, edging brick, and solar lights.

Progress – December 9

So much has happened in the past seven days, it’s incredible!  I was really trying hard to post daily, but life took over and we were too busy!  My dad has started playing a game with me every day now.  When I show up at the property, I have to try to figure out what he got done instead of him telling me.  This all started Sunday.  The laminate floor in the storage room was VERY obvious.  After I looked at it for a little bit, he told me there were two things that he got done, but they would take “careful observation”.  I remembered him talking about being ready to put in the doorbell, so I looked there first.  BINGO!  The other thing took me a while.  I wandered around looking and looking, but I was having trouble finding it.  I wandered into Harley’s room, turned on the light, and I was looking around.  It finally occured to me that there weren’t any open holes in the walls anymore – the phone jacks are installed in the girls’ end of the house!  It’s pretty fun to go there and try to guess what has been accomplished each day now.  It’s like our own little “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy” game.

Other changes that have happened . . .  the kitchen tile is now complete, grouted, and waiting for the grout sealer.  The countertop should be here sometime this week.

20081207a-007 20081207a-009

My dad’s friend, Steve (who is a contractor), came over Saturday to put in the concrete shower pan in our shower so we can get started tiling it.

20081207b-004 20081207a-089

Like I said above, the laminate floor is installed in the storage room.  So is all the trim, nail holes are filled, and the touch-up painting is done.  See that funny little “nook” next to Aaron in the picture where he’s filling the nail holes?  It’s the end of the shower  in the girls bathroom, and creates a perfect spot to store our card table and chairs.

20081207b-006 20081207b-010 20081207a-092 20081207a-091 20081207a-090

Remember how I said that we should have waited to paint our room until AFTER we ordered our bedding, here?  Well, I finally managed to get the time to re-paint our room.  We decided to keep the chair-rail idea from the girls’ rooms going, and we split our walls and will install chair rail between the two colors.  The top half is a very pale gray, and the bottom is navy blue – called twilight.  It is very masculine looking for now.  Fortunately, the bedding has little flourishes of feminine embroidery, and between the bedding and the window treatments they will soften up this room.  We both liked the old color, but this room now just “feels” like us!  We love it!

20081207b-009 20081207a-083 20081207a-081

Aaron and Dad decided it would be a really good idea to hang our mounts on the walls of the Great Room before we installed the laminate so the ladders didn’t damage the flooring.  After helping Aaron unload Goliath, Jason stuck around and helped him hang our mounts.  The first one to go up was Aaron’s buck on the vaulted wall on the kitchen side of the Great Room.  His name is NanaNanaBooBoo, and he was named by Katelyn when she was really little.  On the opposite wall, from left to right, are my buck, Aaron’s bull – Heartbreaker (one arrow right through the heart), and my antelope (pronghorn) named Percy.  I know the girls named my buck, too, but I just can’t remember what they named him.

20081207a-071 20081207a-075 20081207a-074 20081207a-073 20081207a-080 20081207a-079

Aaron has been working so hard to get this deck done, and he is so close!  We ran out of decking material, and he is waiting for the additional material to come in before he can finish it.


I am excited to see the changes that happen tomorrow while I’m at work, and I can’t wait to play my dad’s game again!