Pip the Pup’s Charm Pack Quilt

2015-04-10 21.23.37

Yesterday, I wrote about the Layer Cake Quilt I made for us just because.  Until I discovered Layer Cakes, I had no idea that there was such a thing as pre-cut selections of fabrics like that which also include Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs.  I had heard of Fat Quarters, but I didn’t realize you could buy them in collection packs.

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Reagan and Her Pig

Reagan convinced our neighbor, Scott, to let her raise 4-H pigs with his son, Zach.  We went to pick up their pigs for the Union County Stock Show pigs today.  Reagan picked out a blue-butt barrow (castrated male) and named him Chip (she’s thinking Chip from Chip and Dale).  Zach picked out a nice little gilt (female).

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Hiking Adventures

  • Reagan, Lucy, and me
  • Hiking
  • Swimming (brrrrrrr!) in your underwear
  • Rock climbing
  • Picking huckleberries
  • Picnic lunch
  • Chasing (and catching) butterflies
  • Spending quality time with my baby girl!

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