There is a Place Near the Beach – Repost

I am feeling particularly nostalgic today.  I can only hope that when my daughters are my age they have such amazing memories from their childhood.


There is a place near the beach that is my new home, a small apartment in one of many buildings in the village. Each building has four apartments, and they are built on stilts so they don’t flood during monsoon season and heavy rains. I love floating around, swimming under and through the stilts in the afternoons when the rains come. The rough wooden exterior boards are dark mahogany brown much like chocolate, and they are rough like the shell of a brazil nut. My dad and I each have a bed, and they are as soft as a cloud. My favorite part of my bed is the hand-carved Trukese headboard. I like to imagine living in the stories of the warriors and queens honed into the ironwood burnished nearly black. It is not uncommon for me to find one or more geckos lounging on the walls, their bodies neon green in stark contrast to the white walls. They keep me company during the day. Continue reading

Reagan’s First Day – Seventh Grade!


So this girl started seventh grade today, and I am so excited to see what this new year brings for her.  She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, refusing to be forced to fit into a mold made by others. Continue reading

Harley’s First Day – Sophomore Year


Harley started school today. It is surreal to me that she is now a Sophomore in high school when it seems like just yesterday she was the tiny little imp running around in diapers. Continue reading

DHD Photo A Day – July 7: Keepin’ it Real

Keepin’ it Real. Our house is a mess, the girls and I have work to do, and Reagan is heading off to camp tomorrow. We bagged the cleaning and working to spend the evening hanging out playing Minecraft together. The mess can wait, time with my girls won’t.