Reagan’s Annie Experience


My youngest daughter, Reagan, has been participating in the play “Annie” at our local playhouse, the Elgin Opera House.  She auditioned for the show in June, and they started rehearsal in September.  Reagan’s part in the play was limited to the first act and ended after the song, Hard Knock Life.  Reagan played one of the extras as an orphan. Continue reading

Her Own Style


Reagan is my Wild Child.  She has had a mind of her own since the day she was born, and she gives me a run for my money with her energy, intelligence, and attitude.  She also has a defined sense of style, and is particular about what she wears.  It never depends on the brand of clothing, just the style.

I am thrilled that she is still willing to let me sew for her, and that she is willing to wear the clothes I make!  She recently went to Boise with me when I had to go there for a doctor’s appointment, and we stopped by Joann Fabrics to look for some fabric for a project I was working on. Continue reading

Reagan’s Room

20150329_122017 20150329_122046

Finishing Reagan’s room has taken longer than either of the other two kids because my dad was custom making her bed.  Just as with Harley’s and Terrance’s rooms, the changes in Reagan’s room were purely cosmetic.  After gutting her room down to bare sheetrock and subfloor, we built it back up to it’s current state, which, is amazing!

Reagan played a big part in the work on her room.  She did the majority of the demolition, most of the painting, and she has arranged it to her liking. She really worked hard to make it “hers”.

Continue reading

8th Grade!


This girl here started eighth grade today, and she is so excited!  This year will mean many firsts for her, including a trip across the country to study United States History and the Colonial United States. Continue reading