I Tri’d And Made A New Friend

As part of my effort to become more fit, I have joined Anytime Fitness in LaGrande, in addition to starting other activities on my own.  Part of my membership involved meeting with a trainer (Summer), and she suggested I enter the ‘I Tri’d Triathlon’ in Baker City as a jumping off point.  It was a short course, so I thought it sounded like a good idea.  I may  have been rethinking the whole “good idea” opinion halfway through the race.  🙂

The triathlon was last Saturday.  I completed the swimming and bike portions of the race, but wasn’t able to do the run.  I unexpectedly had a tooth extracted the Thursday before, and by the time I was done with the bike ride, my mouth was done and over with.  At first I was pretty disappointed I didn’t finish, but after thinking about it I am thrilled that I was able to do it at all.  I have been exercising regularly for just under a month.

In each wave. participants shared swimming lanes.  I got to share lanes with Mary.  She is a sweet little girl (I think she’s about 10-11), and I am so glad I met her.

Mary and Me – Before the Race

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TWLC3 – My Starting Point

Last year I participated in a fitness/weight loss challenge coordinated by Jenna at That Wife.  It was called That Weight Loss Challenge, and I joined as motivation to get into better shape, not necessarily to lose weight.  In the six months following, not only did I get into much better physical shape, I lost quite a bit of weight, and most importantly, I got “me” back – the me that is happy, carefree, confident, and outgoing.  I wrote a detailed post about why I was participating and my feelings about it, and at the end, I published another post talking about the success I felt at meeting my goals.

AFTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BEFORE
The Results TWLC1 - The most dramatic change.

I have to admit, that since completing TWLC1, I have not been as diligent about what I eat and how I exercise.  Initially, I was blaming my inactivity on injuries that prevented me from exercising, but then I just had to admit that I’d gotten off track and it was my fault.  Fortunately, I have only gained a couple of pounds back since finishing TWLC1, and mostly I have lost fitness and gotten out of shape.  I did not participate in TWLC2 because I was super busy with school, still recovering from my broken foot, and just trying to figure out life as a full-time college student with kids.

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Getting Started Is The Hard Part

I really liked this post by Mark Fischer, and thought it was worth reposting:  Getting Started Is The Hard Part.

Getting Started is the Hard Part

By Mark Fischer

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She Fights Like A Girl!

And I couldn’t be more proud!


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