Wow – Snow?

I  actually really do love snow.  I love how quiet and peaceful it makes the world look, and how pretty it makes parts 0f our world that might not be so otherwise.  Last night it snowed.  I think it started at about 9:00.  I didn’t have any idea it was snowing until I started hearing all the shrieks and giggles from the other room.  For some reason, Harley and Reagan had looked outside and noticed it.  The excitement pouring from them was palpable through the entire house.  They immediately bundled up to go outside and play even though there wasn’t much sticking on the ground yet.  Once they did reappear, it was all they talked about until they went to bed.

They were super excited!

So was I.

I love the snow!

I HATE being cold!

I got up to got to class this morning, and dressed pretty warmly, so I thought.  I didn’t dress warm enough, apparently.  I froze all day!  I am amazed at the difference in “bitterness” of the cold between living in Irrigon and living here in Cove.  It is so much colder – bone chilling cold!

I love the snow!

I love the snow!

I love the snow!


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